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How to Get a Philippines Travel and Tourism Visa Guide on a Pakistani Passport?

 If you want a Philippines Travel and Tourism visa services, this article will help you by giving all the relative information. You can obtain a Visit Visa from the Embassy of the Philippines situated in Islamabad or the Philippines Consulate in Karachi or Lahore. Personal appearance by the applicant is required.


List of Required Documents:


Two recent Photographs

To get the Philippines visa, the applicant must submit two passport-size photographs. Those photographs must be fresh, not older than three months. Scanned photos are not acceptable.




Original Passport &Copies

A passport with a validity of at least six months is required. Two photo state copies of the information pages of your Passport are required.


Visa Application Form

Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form

Two copies of the duly filled non-immigrant visa application form the applicant must sign are required. You can download the application form from the official website.

 Covering Letter

Bank Statement

The visitor has to present an Original bank statement showing a well-maintained account history in the embassy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must attest to the statement.


hotel reservation


The traveller must present one copy of flight details (NOT TICKET). The traveller needs to submit a return or onward flight ticket to the immigration office upon your entry to the Philippines.

    Bank Statement & Account Maintenance Letter:

 Police Character Certificate

The visitor has to put up an Original Police Character Certificate issued by authorities from the place of the visitor`s residence. The character certificate must not be older than six months, and the ministry of foreign affairs must attest it.


    Bank Statement & Account Maintenance Letter:

Letter for Students

 Student travels to the Philippines, he must present an enrolment certificate, a copy of the alien card in English, a guarantee letter from his parents, a copy of the guarantor`s CNIC, and an original bank statement showing the account balance. The foreign affairs ministry must attest all the above documents.

letter from employer

Business document

You are a businessman, so must present your Business Registration issued by Pakistan government authorities and NTN. Authenticated bank statements and information about bank balance via the ministry of foreign affairs.


hotel reservation

Hotel Reservation

A copy of the hotel reservation is also required showing your accommodation plan in the Philippines.



To get to the Visa of Philippines, the applicant needs to submit a photo state copy of his CNIC on A4 size paper.

Visa Fees Philippines Travel and Tourism Visa Services:

  • Single Entry (valid for three months): Rs. 7,200
  •  Multiple Entry (valid for six months): Rs. 14,400
  •  Multiple Entry (valid for one year): Rs. 21,600
  •  Seaman`s Visa: Rs. 3,600
  •  Expedite/Urgent Fee: Rs. 1,800

Processing Time:

  • Visa Regular: 9 Working Days
  •  Expedite/Urgent: 7 Working Days

Accepted Vaccines

  • Pfizer,
  • CoronaVac (SinoVac),
  • Sputnik V
  •  Johnson &Johnson
  • Covovax
  • AstraZeneca
  • Moderna
  • Sinopharm 
  • Covaxin

Philippines Embassy in Islamabad

  • Phone: 0333-1509891 / Fax: (051) 8487513
  •  E-mails:,,
  •  Visa Submission: 10:00am – 11:00am (Mon-Fri)
  •  Visa Delivery: 03:00 pm – 05:00 pm (Mon-Fri)
  •  Address: Zhou-Enlai Avenue, Plot Nos. 3, 4, and 5, Diplomatic Enclave, Sector G-5
  •  Website:

Philippines Consulate in Karachi:

  • Phone: (021) 34820477 / Fax: (021) 35360191
  •  E-mail:
  •  Visa Submission: 10:00am – 11:00am (Mon-Fri)
  •  Visa Delivery: 03:00 pm – 05:00 pm (Mon-Fri)
  •  Address: Office No. 301 JOFA Tower, SB 23-24, Main University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,
  • Block 13-C
  •  Website:


Philippines Consulate in Lahore;

  • Phone: (042) 36667275
  •  E-mail:
  •  Visa Submission: 10:00am – 11:00am (Mon-Fri)
  •  Visa Delivery: 03:00 pm – 05:00 pm (Mon-Fri)
  •  Address: 3rd Floor, Aadil Hospital Building, Main Boulevard DHA Lahore
  •  Website:

Short Introduction to the Philippines

The Philippines is an island country that lies in the western Pacific ocean. About 7000 islands together make up this country with a dramatically beautiful country, and indeed, it is one of the largest archipelagos in the world. The Philippines is further divided into three island groups.

The Philippines Travel and Tourism visa services are well known for its mountains, rainforests, sea shores, legacy towns and landmarks, islands, and jumping spots are among the country`s most famous traveller objections. The country`s rich, authentic, and social legacy, including its native practices and celebrations, is also one of the Philippines` attractions.

  • Capital: Manila
  •  Dialling code: +63
  •  Currency: Philippine peso
  •  Cities of interest: Manila, Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, Banaue, and more
  •  Official language: Filipino, English

Places to See in the Philippines

  • Boracay

Boracay Island is considered the ocean-side capital of the Philippines since there are more than 12 sea shores. This small island in the west Visayas district is excellent for ocean-side attendees after essential unwinding in the sun or water exercises. White Oceanside, on the island west side, is perhaps the best ocean side in the Philippines.

  • Manila

The Philippines capital of Manila, on the island of Luzon, is a clamouring city with relentless action. Bounce on one of the beautiful jeepneys, the primary type of public transportation, to experience neighbourhood life while visiting Manila’s top attractions.

  • Bohol

The island of Bohol in the Philippines focal Visayas district runs slower, and it`s a location that features the country’s usual excellence. The Chocolate Slopes in Carmen are possibly the most special regular miracle on the island. This UNESCO-safeguarded site is an assortment of 1,200 geographical developments that become brown in the dry season, looking like a scene of chocolate sweets kisses.

  • Cebu

The island of Cebu, in the focal Visayas district, is the port for the best jumping and swimming in the Philippines. Assuming you are a submerged devotee, Cebu is one of your ideal choices for trips that get you up-near whale sharks, coral reefs, and ocean turtles.

  • Banaue

The rice patios of Banaue are one of the most striking things to find in the Philippines. The emerald-green decks are a rural marvel around here. A portion of the patios is assessed to have been hand-cut into the mountainside a long time back. For a more profound taste of this district, walk through the Banaue Ethnic Town or the Hwang Town to blend with the Native nation that ranches the rice patios.

  • Davao City

For a city scene beyond Manila, go to Davao City, which has an enormous metropolitan region. Davao City is the principal city in the southern Philippine district of Mindanao. Regardless of its shopping centres and enormous populace, Davao City highlights numerous standard components, including Eden Nature Park, Philippine Hawk Place, and the Davao Baywalk close to the ocean.

One of the most amazing spots in Davao City is Mount Apo, the most amazing mountain in the Philippines Davao City is an ideal place for shopping, as there are a few enormous shopping centres, including the Abreeza Shopping Centre and the SM Lanang Head Shopping Centre. To look into Davao City`s history and culture, the little Davao Historical Centre of History and Ethnography merits a visit.

  • Sagada

The most exceptional experience you can have in the Philippines is in the northern ancestral area of Sagada. Settled in the rough and far-off Cordillera Mountains are clans that embrace a periodic guest. This region is heaven for high-level open-air fans. The lofty mountains and high rise improve the rush and expertise level expected for outside experience. Climbing is famous in Sagada, especially Mount Ampaco, which has the highest top in the district, or through Reverberation Valley, which has steep and rough territory.

  • Coron Island

One of the top jumping objections on the planet, Coron Island is tropical heaven with electric blue and green water that nearly appears unbelievable. The hilly island sits on the tip of the Palawan island locale, the westernmost segment of islands in the Philippines Travel and Tourism online services.

  • Baguio

Baguio is a city concealed in a bumpy district on Luzon Island. However, it is a city. Baguio is close and suggestive of a bungalow-type climate. Baguio is known as the City of Pines for the rich pine timberlands and cooler temperatures that encompass it.

You can investigate one of the many climbing and trekking trails or take a series of golf at one of the nearby retreats.  Parks like Mines View and Burnham let you partake in a portion of the varied vegetation unique to this locale. Make sure to invest some energy along Meeting Street, the primary drag through Baguio, where you can take a cut of neighbourhood life.

  • Samal

On Samal Island, likewise called the Garden City of Samal, climbing, jumping, and kayaking are a lifestyle. One of Samal Island’s top activities, besides unwinding at the ocean side, is visiting the Monfort Bat Asylum, which is home to many bats in the caverns.

A charming road trip away from the ocean side is to Hagimit Falls, where you can stroll on the nature trails and cool off in one of the pools underneath the tropical cascades. Samal Island is relatively close to Davao City, which rolls out an incredible improvement in speed when you need a more urban scene or a more extensive scope of eating.

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