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Malaysia Travel and Tourism eVisa and Sticker Visa Guide

How to get a Malaysian Travel and Tourism e-visa on a Pakistani passport?

Malaysia Travel and Tourism online visa services sent off its e-Visa administration for Pakistani residents. The handling time is two working days, yet when applied, it might require just a couple of hours to get an e-Visa email with a basic and simple cycle. Alternatively, if you are a new client, make a record and present your application on the website.

List of Required Documents for E- Visa:



one fresh picture 



First bio-data/photo page of your current passport.


    Bank Statement & Account Maintenance Letter:

Bank Statement & Account Maintenance Letter

Bank statement for the last six (6) months,.Around Rs 300,000.

  E-Visa Handling Time

Minimum Two Working Days

E-visa Legitimacy

E-visa Legitimacy

Three (03) Months


E- Visa - Term of stay:

The maximum term if stay is at least  30 Days

e-Visa Charges:

MYR 157 – (Visa expense can be changed)

How to make the payment for e-Visa?

  • Open e-Visa Site, make or login your record.
  •  Fill application structure, and transfer the required reports.
  • Download the installment slip, print and bring it to Habib Metropolitan bank.
  • Make installment, check slip, transfer to application, and submit.

How to get a Malaysian Sticker Visa on a Pakistani passport?

You can obtain the sticker visa of Malaysia Travel and Tourism visa from the Malaysian Embassy situated in the capital territory of Islamabad or the Consulate General Office of Malaysia found in Karachi. The sticker visa of Malaysia can also be obtained via prearranged visa Dropbox agents, including Gerrys and TCS.


List of Required Documents for Sticker Visa:


Two recent Photographs

Two (02) recent/fresh photographs (passport size with white background) of the applicant are required along with a visa application form for further process.




Original Passport Copies

 The applicant`s original passport and photocopy of the passport in A4 size are required. The validity of your passport should be more than 7(seven) months at the time of the visit.

    Bank Statement & Account Maintenance Letter:

Bank Statement

Your Original bank statement having a credit history of a minimum of Rs. 300000 for the last six (6) months are required or adequate funds to meet the everyday expenditure of individual or group travel

 Covering Letter

Covering Letter

A Malaysian visa request requires a cover letter of your qualification and professional experience.


Visa Application Form

Visa Application Form

You can The visa application form can be downloaded from the official website. That form should be duly filled in capital letters and submitted to the Malaysian embassy for further processing.



he original national identity card and the photocopy of your CNIC in A4 size are required.

letter from employer

letter from employer

In the case of your work visa, an employment letter from the head of an institute will also be required, which must be typed.


 Invitation letter for Business /seminar/ workshop Purpose

Invitation letter for Business /seminar/ workshop Purpose

In case you are going to Malaysia for any business, an invitation letter from a Malaysian guarantor will be required. For any seminar or workshop purpose, you will need an invitation letter from the organizer of the seminar or workshop

Covid-19 Related for All Visas:

  •  Vaccination Certificate
    Malaysia only welcomes travellers who are fully vaccinated with approved vaccines, and the
    The applicant must have verifiable proof of COVID-19 vaccination certificate with a QR code. Visitors
    can travel after 14 days of the second dose.
  •  PCR Test
    The polymerase chain reaction is referred to as PCR. It’s a test to detect genetic material from a specific organism, such as a virus. It will take the first negative PCR test within 72 hours before you arrive in Malaysia. They may do a second test after your entrance by Malaysian authorities.
  • Travel Health Insurance
    It is recommended to have travel health insurance with a minimum exposure of 50,000 USD.
    Travel health insurance from a local Malaysian company is preferred, which can be purchased
  • Accepted Vaccines
    The government of Malaysia only accepts the vaccination developed by Pfizer, Moderna,
    AstraZeneca, Johnson, Sinopharm, CoronaVac (Sinovac), and Cansino.

Visa Fees:

  • Transit Visa (Single/Multiple Entry): Rs: 12,550
  •  Tourist Visa (Single/Multiple Entry): Rs: 12,550
Visa fees can be changed at any time. You can get the update from the official website. When you apply for a visa through any travel agent, he may charge you something for his services.

Processing Time

The Malaysian embassy took at least seven (07) working days to process your visa application form.

Malaysia Embassy in Islamabad:

  • Phone: (051) 2072900
  •  Fax: (051) 2833210
  •  Email:
  •  Working Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30 am to 05:00 pm
  •  Address: Plot No. 144-150 Street No. 17, Sector G-5, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad
  • Website:



Malaysia Embassy in Karachi:

  • Phone: (021) 35295618/19
  •  Fax: (021) 3529 5614/17
  •  Email:
  •  Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
  •  Address: House No. 29، 9th Street Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase V DHA, Karachi, Sindh
  • 75500
  • Website:

Short Introduction of Malaysia:

Malaysia is a beautiful Southeast Asian country situated near the equator. It is created by merging two different regions. One is Peninsular Malaysia & East Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is its capital, and Putrajaya is the administrative centre. Malaysia was a British territory, and in August 1965, it became an independent country.

Malaysia is one of the biggest tourist attractions in South East Asia, and the Malaysia travel and tourism package is one of the most searched items on the internet. Tourists flock to this beautiful country every year to see tourists flock to this beautiful country every year to see and explore this beautiful country. Malaysia, truly has some of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world. Malaysia is a place of diversity, and so many Malaysia holiday packages for visitors to explore.

The Malay Peninsula and Borneo are part of Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country. The Malay Peninsula and Borneo are part of Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country. The Malay Peninsula and Borneo are part of Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country. It’s known for its beaches, rainforests, and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European cultural influences. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such as Bukit Bintang, and skyscrapers such as the iconic 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers.

  • Capital: Kuala Lumpur
  •  Dialing code: +60
  •  Currency: Malaysian Ringgit
  •  Cities of interest: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, and more
  •  Official language: Malay

Tourism in Malaysia:

The number of tourists arriving in Malaysia used to rank ninth in the world. The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report ranks Malaysia 25th out of 141 countries. Increasing travel and tourism in Malaysia was part of the government plan to diversify the economy and reduce Malaysia`s reliance on exports. As a result, tourism has become Malaysia’s third largest source of foreign exchange income and accounts for 7% of Malaysia’s economy.

Places to See in Malaysia
1. Kuala Lumpur 

You may be landing in Kuala Lumpur while travelling to Malaysia, so this one is a no-brain. Kuala Lumpur is indeed a worthwhile destination by itself. Kuala Lumpur has a lot of unique features to explore for tourists. Interesting sights such as the Petronas Towers, the Perdana Botanical Garden, and the Menara KL Tower provide plenty of pleasurable distractions before you move into Malaysia.

2. Perhentian Island

Malaysia`s Perhentian island is a heaven for explorers and economic voyagers. Perhentian Kecil is the more modest of the two islands, where fine sand and brilliant swimming/jumping fill the day preceding gatherings start around evening time. The Perhentian Islands are extremely occasional. Convenience can be challenging to track down on Perhentian Kecil in July, the pinnacle month. However, the islands are generally unfilled throughout the cold weather for a very long time because of downpours and blustery oceans.

3. Penang

Malaysia`s most eye-catching feature is the big island on the west coast. UNESCO has declared the colonial city of Georgetown a world heritage site. It has a lot of museums, a seaside fort, historic homes and, most important food street with mouth-watering traditional and continental food. 

4. Malaysian Borneo 

The choice to trade grimy cement for green rainforests and bountiful untamed life is just a modest, fast flight away! Guests to Malaysia travel and tourism servicesfrequently adhere to the central area and disregard the regular miracles on Earth’s third-biggest island just a short jump away. The Malaysian piece of Borneo is partitioned into two states: Sarawak in the south and Sabah in the north. Both have various energies and charms. The Rainforest World Live concert held beyond Kuching each mid-year is one of Southeast Asia’s most astonishing music-and-culture occasions.

5. Selangor 

Selangor depicts Malaysia`s most evolved and populated express that paves the way to Kuala Lumpur`s endless suburbia. Here you`ll track down an Equation One course, the Public Zoo of Malaysia, and huge amusement parks, including an indoor snow park. Selangor is occupied and blasting; shopping centres are spread in numerous headings. At the point when you couldn`t in any way, shape, or form shop any longer, go to the close by Genting High countries — Malaysia`s rendition of Vegas roosted on top of a mountain. The Main World Inn and Court is the world`s biggest lodging, with 10,500 rooms and an amusement park

6. Melaka

On the off chance that Malaysia is a blend, Melaka or Malacca is its social pot, where 600 years of fighting and ethnic intermarriage have shaped the centre of what has developed into a cutting edge country. Tormented by the phantoms of fights past, Melaka is certainly worth a visit, in any event, for guests who regularly sidestep social objections, if by some stroke of good luck to test the few remarkable neighbourhood cooking styles and to witness the layers of history underneath the city`s external shell.

7. Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island), arranged on the southeast shore of Peninsular Malaysia, discreetly baits voyagers from both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Daintily created sea shores are spread around the coast, isolated by profound wilderness. Badgering by monkeys and python spottings is, to some degree, normal, as it brews at 50 pennies for each can without obligation. (Same as distant Langkawi, Tioman Island is assigned as an obligation-free island.)Like different islands that require work to reach, Pulau Tioman rewards guests with that crude tropical island feel.

8. Cameron Highlands

The little town of Tanah Rata is the typical base for spending plan voyagers wishing to investigate Malaysia travel and tourism visa services delightful Cameron Good countries. With temperatures that plunge as low as 50 F around evening time, Tanah Rata is an invited break from Southeast Asia`s intensity and moistness. Striking green tea ranches sticking to the encompassing slopes and ceaselessly blossoming blossoms loan a wonderful smell to the air. The views serenity is infectious; Tanah Rata`s energy is charmingly loose, and individuals are amicable. Wilderness strolls anticipate the audacious whole strawberry ranches and rich nurseries engage those wishing to remain near to human progress.

9. Langkawi 

Langkawi has numerous vacation destinations, like Malaysia’s biggest indoor aquarium, a streetcar, and the Sky span that permits sees across the island. Sadly, the robot of stream skis makes the most active sea shores less peaceful. Obligation-free status implies that brew is here and there scarcely more costly than filtered water.

10. Taman Negara

Taman Negara, in a real sense, signifies “public park“ in Malay; all things considered, that is the thing it is! Taman Negara is Malaysia`s most seasoned public park and is viewed as one of the world`s most established tropical rainforests. A long overhang walkway allows guests to see life high in the trees that ordinarily isn`t noticeable from the beginning. You can appreciate cascades and wonderful journeying, bird spotting, rafting, fishing, and night safaris, and there`s even an opportunity to see wild elephants — on the off chance that you`re extremely fortunate. Travelers rest across the waterway in Kuala Tahan and afterward take modest boats to the recreation area entrance 

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